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Doterra Essential Oil Treatment for Neuropathy in the Feet

I have run into several people recently who suffer from neuropathy of the feet.  In researching which oils to use, I came across some good information in a blog.  On the blog are notes Natalie Rigby took on the subject at a workshop by Dr. David Hill.  Here are her notes:
These are my personal notes from a class by Dr. David Hill in February 2010. Please refer to them as such as we are not to diagnose or prescribe. This process is basically creating "Angiogenesis", which is the stimulation and creation of new vascular tissue. It will take several weeks, and maybe even months, depending on the length and depth of the starving tissues affected. You are basically ‘creating’ the need for blood flow to the area’s affected. It is most effective on patients with diabetic neuropathy, but others can find relief from this process. He said three things are important in this process:

Exercise (or stimulation for circulation), heat, and massage. 
(When you flex the foot, you will see a "T" area that is where the arrows are. The top area isat the base of the toes.)

Using Fractionated Coconut oil to spread, apply a couple of drops of doTERRA Aroma Touch CPTG essential oil to calf area .Other oils that were recommended are:
doTERRA’s Marjoram,Cypress, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Basil, Grapefruit, Lavender. Anything that has circulatory properties can be used. (Each patient may be different) The entire process should only take about 10 minutes each leg. 

As you start, you may notice how ‘hard’ the calf muscle is. That is also a sign of neuropathy. Prop the leg up on the edge of your knee. Start at the top of calf, in the ‘hollow’ part of the leg (see diagram). Massage in small circular motions down the calf towards the foot. Repeat several times on both sides of calf. (you may also use a small hand held massager) May feel hard crystals,like bumps in area. Trying to work those out. May be painful for patient at first.

Now, flex the foot, and apply oils to bottom of foot. Then you will massage the following area of the foot.  You may also feel crystals in this area as well. You will be massaging towards the toes. This creates the ‘need’ for blood to flow to those areas.

After massaging these area’s (about 10 min) apply a warm compress to the area (such as a rice or cracked corn bag) and leave on for about 10 min. each leg.

Do same application on opposite leg and foot area. The key to success in this application is CONSISTENCY!

He also recommended they take the Lifelong Wellness Pack to stabilize the body, as well as placing Basil on the bottom of the feet in the morning. Coriander could also be taken internally to help with blood sugar levels. Those who have severe blood sugar issues should monitor those levels. As with anything, a proper diet, and at least 20-30 minutes of exercise every day is necessary to help body to heal.  

There are two youtube videos of Dr. Hill (Chief Medical Advisor for doTERRA) talking about and demonstrating the neuropathy essential oil protocol.

Note: There should be a noticable difference from the beginning but because neuropathy has been a long-term problem for the person, the process will need to be repeated.  This process should be done on an on-going basis for as long as it takes to get the desired relief. If you have a lot of pain, I would suggest also put Deep Blue essential oil on the legs after the massage and prior to putting a warm compress on.

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tahera said...

while i was looking for treatments of neuropathy , I chanced upon your blog! Thanks for sharing very beneficial information.

Angela said...

No problem! Happy to help!

Solvv encyy said...

I think this doterra essential oil treatment good for neuropathy in the feet so i also do this treatment at my home. I hope its beneficial for me.

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