Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Amazing Experience Using Doterra Essential Oils as a Natural Remedy for Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis!!

Wow!  We had an amazing experience the other day using essential oils for pink eye!  I went in to my 11-year old son's room at 7:15 a.m. to awaken him and when I looked at him, I immediately noticed his left eye looked pretty red.  I wasn't sure if he had just been rubbing it a lot, if it was an allergy or if he was getting pink eye and we only had a few minutes to get him ready and to school (being a boy, he takes very little time to get ready for).   

To calm down whatever was going on, I put a drop of lavender on my finger and rubbed it over each eyebrow.  I then did the same thing with melaleuca and warned him not to rub his eyes.  I put the oils on his eyebrows rather than his eyelids to avoid getting the oils close to his eyes.  Next, I filled a gel cap with 1 drop of oregano, 2 drops of melaleuca and 3 drops of lemon oil and had him swallow the capsule.  He then went to school.  (For those of you who are concerned, please know that I was pretty sure it wasn't pink eye or I wouldn't have sent him to school).  

About an hour and a half later, while I was volunteering at my daughter’s school, I received a call from the health tech at my son's school. She said she thought he had pink eye and asked if I wanted to pick him up.  I told her I would be there as soon as I finished my volunteer work at the school.

When I arrived at the school (approximately three hours after I had treated him with the essential oils), they called him to come back to the nurse's office and I couldn't believe the difference in his eye!  It looked three times better than it had before he went to school!  If his eye had looked that way in the morning, I probably wouldn't have noticed it.  It had been over an hour since the health tech had seen him and called me and I think she was surprised at how well it looked also.  I commented about how much better it looked and said it must not be pink eye or it wouldn't have gotten so much better so fast. 

The health tech said pink eye was going around the school and then she gave me a doctor's form and told me to take him home.  She said he couldn't come back to school until he had seen a doctor and had a signed form from the doctor.  She told us to make it a fun day off school and enjoy ourselves!  So, we went to the doctor for pink eye.  The doctor diagnosed him with pink eye, filled out the form and gave us a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. (See diagnosis of conjunctivitis on the second line with pink highlight)

At this point, I had several thoughts.  First, I really don't like giving my kids antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary but in the past, ear infections and pink eye are two things I would definitely treat with antibiotics.  However, I recently found out that pink eye can be cause by a virus or a bacteria and antibiotics only kill bacterial infections, not viral so we only had a 50 percent chance it would work anyway. 

Second, my son had gotten pink eye from a classmate  when I first got started with doterra (about two days after I got my first order of doterra essential oils) and I was afraid to use them for it.  He ended up with an antibiotic, a very bad case of pink eye in both eyes, and he missed two full days of school.  Obviously, not a happy place to return to…

Third, my choices were to fill the prescription and give him the antibiotic (which had a 50% chance of working because the cause might have been viral) or I could depend on my oils.  Since I really, really believe in the oils and have seen them work wonders in so many cases, I wanted to use my oils.  Unlike antibiotics, the oils treat both bacterial and viral infections. The risk was that the pink eye might not get better and might, in fact, get worse and lead to my son missing more school.  I’d have some explaining to do…J

I decided to put my faith in the oils that I believe in and I continued to treat with them.  When we returned home from the doctor's visit, I again put lavender and melaleuca on his eyebrows and then every three hours I gave him a capsule filled with the oregano, melaleuca and lemon oil.  I did not continue putting the drops on his eyebrows.

Why oregano?  Because it is anti everything!  It is antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal, and is an immune stimulant.

Why lemon oil? Because it is an antiseptic, an antioxidant and it is antifungal and antiviral.

Why melaleuca? Because it is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, is an immune stimulant and is a strong antiseptic.  

The results?  Well, his eye got better and better and I could hardly see any pink by the time he went to bed that night. The next morning, he awakened with absolutely no pink and happily went to school to carrying his signed form from the doctor with the diagnosis of pink eye!  I never heard another word about it from the school.  As a precaution, I did give him the oil filled gel caps three times that day even though there was no sign of pink eye.

The morning after being treated for pink eye in his left eye with doterra oregano, melaleuca and lemon oils! No sign of pink eye at all!!!  I wish I would have taken a "before" picture!

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