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doTerra Essential Oils for Depression

I get phone calls from people on a daily basis asking for help with one physical ailment or another but I'm surprised at the number of people who have concerns about emotional issues.  The emotional issue I get questions about the most is depression.  (The second is ADD/ADHD. )  

Depression can be described as feeling blue, sad or down in the dumps.  Most people feel sad sometimes.  Those who suffer from clinical depression have these types of feelings for weeks or longer and they interfere with their every day life.  Some suffer from depression their entire lives.  

Bouts of depression can be brought on by a loss such as a divorce, break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, loss of job, or from long-term stress.  Certain medications or drugs or alcohol can cause stress.  Those with depression can feel isolated, be agitated or restless, have trouble sleeping or sleep too much, find they do not enjoy activities they once did, have a hard time getting motivated, feel worthless and hopeless, have thoughts of death or suicide, or have a loss of appetite.  Sometimes a drug taken for a medical issue can cause depression.  

Treatment for depression is usually anti-depressant medication and/or psychotherapy.  If the depression is severe, both can be used together.  Some other things that may help are exercise, a more nutritional diet, getting involved in helping others and talking with someone who cares.  

Note: It is very important if you are under a doctor's care or on a medication for depression that you do not discontinue the medication without your doctor's help.  The following advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease and is not intended to replace medical help.  It is simply offered as a way to use essential oils to bring the body back into balance and assist itself.

When people come to me for advice on using essential oils for depression, I recommend the following:

Supplements to Use:

Use Long Life Vitality supplements daily.  VERY IMPORTANT for getting to the root of the problem.  (Also, low moods linked to low levels of fatty acids)

Oils to Use:

Suggested protocol from Boyd Truman’s book, Dr. Me
-Take 4-5 drops each of melissa and frankincense in a capsule each day.
-Apply 4-5 drops each of Melissa, wild orange, and peppermint on bottoms of feet.
-Inhale, diffuse or rub 2-3 drops of bergamot, Roman chamomile and frankincense on bottoms of feet.
-Diffuse or inhale citrus oils.
-Use Elevation, Balanace, frankincense or bergamot.

-To increase Seratonine levels (relaxing) use lavender, roman chamomile, marjoram and orange
-To increase norepinephrine levels (energy) use rosemary and lemongrass
-To increase dopamine levels (pleasure system) use clary sage and ylang ylang.

Massage: Have Boyd Truman’s Symphony of Cells Hormone Balance Spinal Treatment or the Aromatouch technique done on you once a week.

Foods to Avoid:  Sugar, refined, enriched or processed foods, alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

To Watch:  

Laura Jacob’s Mood Matrix Webinar

To Read:

Some experiences of others

Other Ideas:

For mild depression Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Balance, Elevation, and and Serenity are very effective. 

Dr. Hill gave a recipe for a nice blend:
•  2-3 drops Wild Orange
•  2-3 drops Peppermint
•  2-3 drops Melissa
Application: For depression, diffusion is usually most effective, but topical application to the body can also be very helpful.   Some like to slather the oil in the neck, chest, arms etc.  Generally, applying the oils to the bottom of the feet is an excellent way to apply the oils topically.  Since every one's body chemistry is different as well as the possible reason or cause of depression, each person will need to experiment with which oils or combination of oils are most effective.  It is also a good idea to switch it up a bit and perhaps change oils now and then for effectiveness. 

To purchase the oils or supplements listed above please click here.

Remember:  For severe depression, please seek qualified medical help.

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