Thursday, November 8, 2012

Treating Menstrual Cramps with doTerra Essential Oils (ClaryCalm/Solace)

There are a lot of different oils that help with female issues.  Some of the oils are Geranium, Clary Sage, Lavender, Cypress, Peppermint and Marjoram. Clary Sage is the one of the best for female issues.  Any one (or more) of these oils can be rubbed on the abdomen for relief from the pain of menstruation.   In addition, a hot compress can be applied after the oils are applied.  The hot compress helps push the oils into the system. To treat with a hot compress, I would recommend applying coconut oil or another carrier oil to the abdomen and then apply the essential oils.  Next, get a towel wet with hot tap water, wring it out and lay the towel on the abdomen and cover with a dry towel.  I like to cover people with a comfy blanket on top of all that and suggest leaving the hot compress on for 15 minutes.  This should bring great relief.
There is also a blend of 11 oils, called ClaryCalm (formerly called Solace) that helps relieve the pain of cramping.  It is a great multi-purpose oil for females as it also provides relief from nausea, hot flashes and the emotional swings that come with the hormone cycle.  ClaryCalm is a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedar Wood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa and Vitex.  It also helps support healthy hormone levels, PMS and Menopause.  It comes in a 10 ml roll on bottle which is great because you can stick it in your purse and apply the oil easily even when you are not at home.   I haven’t personally used the ClaryCalm because I don’t have a lot of female issues.  However, I’m going to get some to have on hand because there are times when I think I’m a little more emotional due to hormones.  Again, I would recommend the hot compress if possible if you are treating cramps.  For treating nausea, hot flashes and emotional swings, I would recommend putting ClaryCalm/Solace on the bottoms of the feet (because thepores are larger there).  Putting it over the heart will help with mood swings.  If you are somewhere where you can't apply it, just opening the bottle and inhaling it will help.

Here is a list of the different oils in the ClaryCalm blend and their purpose:

Clary Sage -Helps ease muscle tension, lifts mood, and balances hormones
Lavender- Calms and supports normal hormone levels
Bergamot- Emotionally uplifting and eases muscle tension
Roman Chamomile -Esters are relaxing and help ease muscle tension
Cedarwood - Supports normal hormone level
Ylang ylang -Helps with stress and is phytoestrogenic
Geranium -Helps balance the endocrine system, is calming and is phytoestrogenic
Fennel -Trans anethole supports estrogen production and lactation
Carrot seed -Supports healthy endocrine activity
Palmarosa - Soothing to the body and supports healthy thyroid levels
Vitex (chaste berry) - Considered bio-identical to phytoestrogens and is anti-spasmotic

Again, as I mentioned above with the other oils, ClaryCalm can be rubbed on the abdomen and then optionally be followed with a hot compress.  Another way it can be used is to put a small amount onto the palm of the hands and cup them near the nose, inhaling the aroma.

(Just click the "shop" tab and continue until you get a search box 
where you can type the name of the oil you want.)

You can also take a gel cap filled with 3-4 drops of Clary Sage, Lavender and Peppermint.  Make sure they are a quality oil that is safe to ingest though.  (This is one reason I only use doTerra's CPTG oils)  Sometimes I find I do better if I ingest the oil rather than just applying it topically but that can vary from person to person as well as depend on the type of ailment.  For example, for digestive issues, although I might rub an oil on the abdomen, I would recommend ingesting a gel cap with certain oils in it.

3-4 drops of Peppermint oil can be rubbed on the lower back and bottoms of the feet for female issues.

For years an acquaintance of mine suffered with excruciating cramping during her period.  She started taking the Long Life Vitality pack of vitamins daily and she no longer suffers from the cramping.  The LLV is a doterra vitamin pack.  It is a little expensive (($2.44 a day) but it brimgs great results.  One is a multi-vitamin, another is an essential oil omega and the third is a supplement for cellular health. The LLV has huge benefits for depression also.

Another friend of mine recommends taking fish oil three times a day for hot flashes.  I think it helps with everything hormonal though.  (I wonder if the reason the LLV pack helped my friend with her cramps is because of the high quality omegas and essential oils in the one.)

Those really struggling  may want to go directly to the ClaryCalm because it is pretty powerful.  Otherwise, trying a single oil first might be the way to go.


Chaya Israel said...

Thank you so much for this. Gonna order the SOLACE right away. Ever since I was 14 [now 21] I've suffered from EXTREME cramps, vomiting and loss of appetite when my menstrual arrives. I HAD to go on birth control to calm my hormones because I would miss school a lot. I decided to get off the BCP almost 3 years ago but I still suffer from the symptoms. I pray this works for me. Should I use the SOLACE daily or just near and on my period?

Angela said...

It won't hurt to use it daily as it can help with hormones at anytime of the month but I would use it a lot more around the time of your period. Hope it helps! (Solace has recently had a name change and is now called ClaryCalm) doTerra's Phytoestrogen Complex is something that may help you tremendously. It is a daily supplement specifically formulated for women's hormones. (

Mariah said...

This post was really great, thank you! I suffer from a shooting pain/cramp on the left side of my abdomen around my cycle. It isn't very strong but I have never had any symptoms until 2 months ago so the pain bothers me. My mother is also menopausal and this will be really helpful for her!

Mariah said...

This post was really great, thank you!

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