Monday, December 24, 2012

doTerra for Chest Congestion/Cough


Using essential oils, hopefully we are preventing most illnesses.  However, if we do get them we can reduce the severity and length with essential oils!

A few suggestions from Boyd Truman's books (with my suggestions added):

Mix 2 drops each cassia, myrrh and lemon with coconut oil, and swallow 2 times a day. 

Rub Breathe, peppermint and eucalyptus or melaleucca on chest and throat (I would suggest a hot compress afterward)

Drink 2-3 drops of lemon in water

Zendocrine Oil-5 drops in a gel cap once a day

Boyd’s Symphony of Cells Respiratory Spinal Treatment

GX and PB Assist Cleanse (take GX for ten days, PB for 5 days, wait ten and repeat until you have done the cleanse three times)

Other Helps:

Put Breathe, melaleucca, frankincense and On Guard on bottoms of feet

Drink On Guard in water or put in gel cap

Use doTerra's On Guard throat lozenges.  I've seen them quelch the dry hacking cough fit instantly!  Great for that tickle in the throat cough!  I'm actually experimenting with making my own using Xylitol.

Diffuse Breathe

Rub Digestzen onto chest and throat area and put a couple drops of Digsetzen on your tongue and swallow to help dissolve mucus.

Make your own vapor rub with my recipe.

Mix coconut oil and one drop each of oregano and On Guard and do an oil-pull. (Swish around in mouth for 15-20 minutes to pull toxins and bacteria from mouth and body and then spit out.  Do not swallow.  For more information on oil-pulling, go to

Patricia Leavitt on google groups says if you've had a dry hacking cough for months or weeks try the following:

-put about 4-5 drops each of Marjoram and Thyme in a gel cap
-put a drop or two of Frankincense and myrrh under your tongue ever hour for a day.
-Take peppermint oil internally and apply externally on the throat area.
-put 2 drops each lemon, lavender and peppermint in a small amount of water (actually the allergy blend put works great for cough)

Butt Bomb: (Use when coughing is wet, in lungs, severe, and uncontrollable or for cough or tickle deep in lungs):

Use a rectal syringe (lubricated with extra virgin coconut oil or okuve iuk) or fill a gel cap to insert 5 drops breathe, 3 drops Frankincense and 10 drops melted virgin coconut oil.    This is the best way to get it into the chest to fight the virus that is deep in the lungs

Another recommendation is to do 5 drops of breathe, 5 drops of Frankincense and 5 drops of lime.

Insert every 2-3 hours until relief comes. 

NOTE:  Please use only CPTG essential oils.  Other oils you buy are typically not 100% pure therapeutic grade and should not be ingested and should be used with caution. 
To order CPTG essential oils, please visit my doterra site here.

To learn more about what CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade oils) are, click here.

To get your essential oils for the wholesale cost, clichere.


Shauna said...

I make a homemade "Vicks" vaporub with my essential oils, rub it on the bottom of the feet at night, and POOF, cough gone and welcome sleep. This works so much easier for children than trying to get capsules down.

Eva Mayasari said...

hey Shauna, could you please share with me your homemade Vicks from EO? would love to make one :)

cheers, new member of doTERRA in Bali, Indonesia

Angela said...

Eva, you can get the recipe on this blog under the Recipes for Natural Products tab above. Our family loves it!

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